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Retaining Walls in Englewood, NJ

There are many outdoor areas where you may need to install retaining walls in Englewood, NJ. Retaining walls are mostly installed on properties with slopes to create flat surfaces. These structures are quite complicated in terms of design, layout, and installation, and require advanced skills and experience.

Retaining Walls, Englewood, NJ

Professional Installation

Retaining Walls are always meant to be custom designed and installed, because no two landscapes can have the same outlines, slopes, and features. Professional installation is the only way to go about it. This requires designing by structural engineers before proper permits can be applied for. This is where we at FJV, Inc. come into the picture with our three decades of experience and a team of specialized retaining walls designers, architects, and installers. Our services are available throughout Englewood and the surrounding areas within Bergen County.

Need for Retaining Walls

There are many reasons for considering the installation of Retaining Walls:

  • Well-designed and installed retaining walls prevent soil erosion during the rainy season
  • These walls hold the soil on a slope
  • They can retain the area around your building and prevent structural damages
  • Retaining walls are also suited for larger landscaped areas, for example, elevated flower beds
  • These walls can also be installed to create enclosed outdoor spaces
  • Level off sloped yards
  • Increasing usable space
  • Assist with drainage

You may install retaining walls to create living areas with more privacy while making your lawn look more beautiful.

Our Retaining Walls Services

At FJV, Inc., we specialize in structural and decorative Retaining Walls. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have specialized experts in designing and completing retaining wall structures that complement your landscape.

We use high-quality concrete masonry units in the construction of walls. Besides, your custom requirements and the needs of your landscape can also see us using other options including:

  • Natural stone
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Wood

Our experts will guide you on the benefits of different materials and the need for the right product for your project. We design and install retaining walls using a wide range of materials to create beautiful walls that add dimension, interest, and depth to your landscape.

Block Retaining Walls

We use natural stones and concrete blocks for building block retaining walls. Some of the key benefits of block walls include:

  • Creating curves in walls to align with the slope or for decoration
  • Easier to install and maintain

Natural Stone Walls

If you prefer a more natural wall, a natural stone retaining wall is an excellent option. There are different stones to choose from, varying in terms of factors like:

  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Textures

Stone retaining walls require more time and specialized skills for construction, but the effort and wait are worth it.

For more information about our masonry services in Englewood, NJ, it is recommended to contact us today at FJV, Inc. Give us a call at (201) 567-7706 to talk to our retaining walls experts or write to us using this online form. We will contact you at the earliest once we receive your message.

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